Early morning check-around

Hey folks! This snow continues to kick up a mess, and there is an uneasy forecast and radar over the next handful of hours. Therefore we will be heading out for an early morning check, and clean up any driveways in need. Unrelated but related…

This snow is DANGEROUSLY slippery. For those rejoining the daily grind and morning commute tomorrow, PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Early morning MLK Day plow

Happy MLK Day, everyone! We started up the fleet for an early morning plow. Drivers will be on their routes by 2AM, but this one will take a little longer – it is HEAVY, icy stuff! The roads are VERY dangerous this morning, so please be careful if you must drive!

Early January 11 Plowing

Well the weather gods finally gave us something definitive and consistent to work with! We are plowing in all neighborhoods, beginning around 1am. Keep in mind an average run takes 4+ hours, and in some territories we got significant accumulation. Hope you have a nice (indoors) day!

January 10 Morning Plowing Log

Hey folks! The snow is accumulating at different rates throughout the territory. Instead of burying posts as we roll out service, we will continue to update service times in THIS post, listed from earliest to most recent. Please keep in mind in a TYPICAL snow event (too early to tell if this will be typical or crazy!), routes take 4 to 5 hours to complete.

-RADISSON: Drivers dispatched at 2AM

-BAYBERRY: Drivers dispatched at 2AM

-SOULE ROAD CORRIDOR: Drivers dispatched at 2:15AM

-CLAY: Drivers dispatched at 2:30AM

-KIMBROOK: Drivers dispatched at 3AM

-3AM GENERAL UPDATE: Managers measuring between 0 and 1.25 inches in rest of customer neighborhoods. Continuously monitoring the weather, forecasts and radar.


Hi again folks! We have dispatched the full fleet for another plow run, beginning at 2am. Average plow runs take roughly 5 hours, so you should see clean driveways by sunrise! Thanks.


Hey all! We knew it was coming eventually! We started plowing in all territories at 12PM. Sorry for the delayed update, we were getting our ducks in a row and knocking the rust off!

White Christmas?

Happy Holidays, folks! We’ve been monitoring the snow band dragging over the area from the Northwest. As of 6AM, the band is dissipating, having left between 1 and 2 inches in our driveways. For those dreaming of a white Christmas, the temperatures will rise to around 40 degrees shortly which will melt most of the snow off the driveways, but hopefully your lawns will still look pretty by the time Aunt Betty and the gang arrive for an egg nog! Of course, we will continue to monitor. If we get enough snow to plow, we’ll take care of you. Be safe, and enjoy these special times!

Oh, those Radisson winters!

5:45AM UPDATE: The snow band threw a couple late haymakers toward Northeastern Clay and Cicero later this morning, meriting a plow in those neighborhoods as well. Drivers have been dispatched.

Well folks, it’s deju vu from 2 days ago: We spent all night tracking a band north of us, waiting to see if we got enough accumulation to plow. As we type this, we are approaching 2 inches in RADISSON with the radar still dicey, and note that the town plows have come through. Therefore we have dispatched our Radisson crew. We are also monitoring Clay, Cicero and other areas of Baldwinsvlle, but at this time don’t see enough to fuss about.

Drive safe – this snow is a bit more slippery than last.

SNOW (here and there)!

Hey folks! The snow band that dragged along the Northeastern corner of the county decided to drop in and join us late this morning! We’ve found enough to plow in Radison, Phoenix, Cicero and parts of Clay. We started plowing at roughly 7AM, and will keep an eye out if the band drops again. Thanks everyone!